Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy Winter!

Happy Winter! This year has really flown by and The Female Comics of Hawaii group put on two more successful shows: August 30th at Downbeat and October 11th at Hawaiian Brian's showroom, Crossroads. Both were well-attended and showcased Patrice Scott, Brandi Morgan, myself, Maryjane, Maura Sateriale, Porscha, Michelle Mak, Michelle Welch and Kendra Shine. Looking forward to our upcoming show December 6th back at Downbeat and working on putting together some outer-island shows for next year. Also hosted and performed in many open mics this fall - it's exciting how the Honolulu comedy scene has really blossomed in 2014. I enjoyed lots of beachtime this Fall & winter and had a mid-winter staycation, enjoy the pics and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Digital Art

I really like creating digital art: a pink beach, a purple wave, multicolored storm clouds, colors not normally found in nature. Thanks to some new iphone apps I found, it's easier than ever to create cool pics. I like to create digital art because it's very different than painting & jewelry-making, more instant. It's like seeing the world in a brand-new, more colorful way~ Enjoy and Happy 4th of July! I am looking forward to a visit from mom in late July. Can't wait to see her!
Oahu people: Don't miss our next Female Comics of Hawaii show at our favorite venue, the Downbeat Diner Lounge on Saturday, August 30th, 8 pm~

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Two more great comedy shows and beach fun!

The Female Comics of Hawaii did two more successful Downbeat Diner Lounge shows on April 5th and June 14th, 2014. Great crowds for both shows and everyone had fun! For the June show, we welcomed Danielle Gregoire from Seattle and Becki Doughty from Maui as guest comics, and they were hilarious! Got to meet Judy Carter, the author of the "Comic Bible" and did another movie review for the Midweek and was featured on Hawaii Public Radio on Kathy Kozak's show, The Conversation. I also visited Waimanalo, Queen's surf beach, had a fantastic bday Makua campout and a day trip on a friend's boat. I performed and hosted several Station Bar open mics, and also performed at Hawaiian Brian's, O'Toole's and Anna's~ Happy Summer!!

I was featured in Inside-Out Magazine in March 

  I was asked to do another movie review for the Midweek "The Other Woman"

                      Waimanalo fun

                        Makua Bday!

         Good job on the fire pit!

                Meeting Judy Carter

                     A squid Joe met

               More Waimanalo fun

              Featured at O'Toole's

   Hawaii Public Radio on the show, "The Conversation" ~ Interviewed by Kathy Kozak

          Featured at  Hawaiian Brian's

       "Psychedelic Chinaman's Hat" ~     Original acrylic/watercolor mini-painting, 5" x 8" $50.

   Danielle Gregoire, founder of the "Comedy Womb", a popular, female-friendly open mic in Seattle

       James mane hosts the 6/14 Female Comics of Hawaii at Downbeat

      Brandi Morgan killing it onstage

           Becki Doughty from Maui

                     Me 'n Kanoe

      Danielle Gregoire had a great set!

                    Great crowd

      The cast minus Maryjane & Kanoe

          Hosting Station Bar open mic

                     Kaimana Beach

                     Tonggs Beach

                 Captain Tom's boat

                      Station Bar